Incarcerated in Evin Prison: Mehran Raoof’s Urgent Plea for UK Action and Condemnation of Iran’s Exploitation of Dual-Nationals

Mehran Raoof, a British-Iranian labor activist, has been detained in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison since 2020 on vague charges related to his activism. Recently, he wrote a letter from prison highlighting the dire conditions he and other political prisoners are facing, including poor health care and lack of access to basic necessities like clean water.

Mehran Raoof given 10-year prison sentence in Iran

As many of you will be aware, Iran has been on a vicious campaign of arbitrarily detaining dual national citizens for a number of years. Many detained are initially arrested on massively trumped up charges, which often have no real legal basis. The treatment that prisoners then face has come under global scrutiny and has regularly been found to amount to torture. 

Anoosheh’s Fourth Birthday Spent in Prison

Today is Anoosheh Ahoori’s 67th birthday. It is the fourth birthday he has spent imprisoned in Iran despite being innocent of all charges. Anoosheh was visiting family in Iran in August 2017, something he had done regularly for many years. On the 13th August he was abducted by the Iranian authorities and has been detained…

Bring them Home!

The Cardiff Amnesty International Group and Free Nazanin Campaign need your help with a new online initiative. Ahead of the end of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s sentence on 7th March 2021 we are asking everyone to join an online campaign calling on the Iranian Government to free dual-national citizens being held in the country. Amnesty members and…

COVID-19 and Human Rights in Iran

Cardiff Amnesty International are delighted to invite you to a free webinar taking place on Monday 8th June at 7.30pm. COVID-19 and Human Rights in Iran Linked to Cardiff Amnesty’s ongoing campaign for the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the webinar will explore the human rights situation in Iran. This wide-ranging talk will focus on the…