Amnesty Wales Conference: Activism in Action

Amnesty International Wales online Conference: 20th March 2021, 10am – 1pm

The future of human rights across the globe appears uncertain as COVID-19 provides opportunities for the roll-back of personal and collective liberties. As Amnesty groups in Wales have adapted to the events of the last year, we can reflect on how members have responded – and will continue to respond – to the ongoing threats to human rights.

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to the Amnesty International Wales Conference 2021. The programme, while reflecting on national campaigns, is also designed to be of practical value to groups and members facing difficult questions. We want to hear about what you need to secure the future for you and your group’s campaigning spirit into 2021 and to share with members our vision for protecting human rights and justice for all.

Hosted online to engage the widest possible audience, the conference will provide an opportunity to learn from the experience of others facing similar challenges.

This event will feature:

  • Kate Allen, Amnesty International UK Director, on Amnesty’s new strategy and campaigning in the future
  • Wales, Nation of Sanctuary
  • How Young People’s voices can be heard and made louder
  • ‘Football Welcomes’ and our partnership with the Football Association of Wales
  • Local group campaigning updates on Saudi Arabia, the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territory and cellular confinement in UK prisons.
  • Sharon Lovell, Vice-Chair of Amnesty UK, closing the event.

When?  Saturday 20th March, 10am – 1pm, including a short break

Where?  Register here:

Please note that this webinar will be recorded. Our material is suitable for persons aged 14 and over. Persons under 14 are welcome at the conference but must attend with an accompanying adult. Participants can take part in Q&A’s in both Welsh and English.

Come and join us. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 20th March!

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