Four Years of Captivity

The Cardiff Amnesty International Group has been campaigning for the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe for the past four years. Our photographic mosaics are made up of just some of the hundreds of photos that we have taken over this time.

Nazanin has been unjustly imprisoned in Iran since the 3rd April 2016. She was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard while returning to the UK after a family holiday. Following her detention she was sentenced to five years imprisonment for allegedly plotting against the state.

We were all delighted to learn recently that Nazanin had been released from prison temporarily, but this glimpse of freedom might shortly end.

Nazanin is due to be sent back to prison on the 20th May. She was released on a temporary basis after fears that coronavirus could infect large numbers of detainees in Iran’s overcrowded jails and we’re afraid that her furlough won’t be extended. Nazanin should not be sent back to prison. Not now, not ever.

To show our support for Nazanin we joining with a nation-wide campaign. We’re asking our supporters to take action together on Wednesday 13th May – one week before Nazanin’s furlough is due to end.

Action: Light a candle for Nazanin

1. Light a candle and ideally place it where others on your street/community might be able to see it, e.g. on a windowsill (if that isn’t possible that’s fine, just place it where it’s safe to do so)

2. Take a photo of the candle – either in its placed position, by itself or with a hand-written message of support or alternatively hold it and take a selfie of you with it.

3. Share your photo on social media with the following or similar message:

I’m lighting this candle to #FreeNazanin. She has already spent over four years away from her family, in prison in Iran – now she’s been temporarily released she must not be sent back. Nazanin, my thoughts are with you. It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. @AmnestyUK @ForeignOffice.

Sadly this year because of COVID-19 Cardiff Amnesty won’t be able to run its annual ‘Stand Up in the Park’ comedy night in support of Nazanin and other prisoners of conscience. But we are finding new ways to let Nazanin – and many others like her – know that they have not been forgotten.

If you are inspired to take up the Amnesty banner to fight injustice please contact Owen at or follow our social media here.

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