Nazanin’s Story


This February Cardiff Amnesty International joined members of the Ratcliffe family supporting a performance of ‘Nazanin’s Story’ at Chapter Arts Centre. The play highlighted the ongoing plight of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her daughter, Gabriella, who have been imprisoned in Iran since April 2016.

Nazanin was returning to the UK on the 3rd April after a family holiday when she was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. She was sentenced to 5 years for secret reasons. Her daughter Gabriella, then only 22 months old, was left stranded in Iran with her grandparents.

Following a powerful performance Nazanin’s husband, Richard Radcliffe, spoke on the second night and explained the family’s plight. He asked audience members to fill in a “Day of Freedom” card (pictured above) to imagine how they would spend one extra day of freedom, as Nazanin has done since being imprisoned.

As part of the action we compiled a photographic petition as our way of showing solidarity with  Nazanin, Gabriella and Richard’s campaign.  Pictured left is Nazanin’s sister-in-law, Rebecca Jones, a GP in Cwmbran.

Cardiff Amnesty activists publicised three other cases of human rights abuses at the performance. The politically motivated charges against human rights defender Azza Soliman, the forcible evictions of the Sengwer Indigenous Community from the Embobut forest and the detention of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng were all highlighted.

Cardiff Amnesty International have been campaigning for Nazanin and Gabriella since June 2016 and hope that you join us in the struggle to overturn this injustice. We ask you to support of Nazanin and her family by signing these petitions here and here

Details of the performance can be found here


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