EVENT: Special Panel on Refugees

On Monday 13th June Amnesty Cardiff is hosting a special panel on refugees to discuss what we can do to help refugees in their search for safety. We are delighted to welcome a range of speakers to speak about what can de done locally or further afield to support refugees. The event will take place at 19.30 at the Cardiff Law School (directions here). For those on Facebook, the event can be joined here.

Our speakers include:

  • Nizar Dahan: ‘Neezo’ is a Welsh Libyan activist based in Swansea who has been organising support for refugees in Greece. At the end of June Nizar will travel to Jordan to assist in the refugee camps there.
  • Emma Borland: Emma is a trustee at Cardiff based Asylum Justice. Asylum Justice work to provide access to legal services to asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Richard Eynon: Richard is an English Language Coordinator at Oasis Cardiff. Oasis offer ESOL classes, employability workshops, dance classes, a women’s only area, mother and toddler groups and support with letters and phone calls regarding asylum and refugee issues.


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  1. Mark Lewis says:

    To whom it may concern.

    My name is Mark Lewis and I am a Elder of City Church in Winsdor Place, Cardiff.
    We support Asylum Justice for many years and every Monday we open the doors for the Refugees, for Tea or Coffee prior seeking help and advice from Asylum Justice.
    I have spent time listening to there stories of the hardship in travelling to seek Asylum and how they are treated by the Authorities. I am very ashamed to hear how they treated in the 21st century…..
    Every Saturday I run a Tea and Coffee morning and I want to extend this for the Refugees and other’s. I am aware that there is not much for them to do on a weekend and as a City Centre Church I want to try and help…in providing a safe place for them and some activates.

    I am afraid I will miss your meeting as I am in Lancashire until Tuesday. I would like to give you my contact number to discuss, about what was raised at the meeting and also discuss how we can give them a safe place to come on a Saturday also.

    Cont. 0755 222 1961.

    God Bless

    Mark Lewis.


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