This December, Cardiff Amnesty have partnered with other local Amnesty groups and individuals from across the UK to act as one voice in calling for all unjustly detained dual nationals to be Home For Christmas.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori are among those who have faced a sham trial and wrongful imprisonment in Iran due to their status as British-Iranian dual nationals. Their families consider them to be hostages in a political game that the Iranian authorities continue to play with European governments.

Last Christmas, Elika Ashoori and Gabriella Ratcliffe sat down to talk about the things they missed most about their respective parents and, then 6-year-old, Gabriella wrote a personal letter to Boris Johnson asking him to bring her mother home for Christmas. You can watch the full video and hear first-hand from Anoosheh’s and Nazanin’s loved ones HERE.

As of today, Nazanin has been detained for 2069 days and Anoosheh for 1572 days. They have missed too many celebrations with their loved ones here in the UK and our government must ensure that they do not miss any more.

Amnesty members from across the UK are saying NO MORE by producing images for social media to continue to highlight the cruelty of this situation and to show the UK Government that we will not forget these people or their families.

We will continue to use our voices to urge Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and PM Boris Johnson to do what is necessary to bring all unjustly detained British-Iranians home to the UK immediately.

Whether or not you are an Amnesty member you can get involved with this activist-lead campaign by emailing amnesty.cardiff@btinternet.com or contacting us through Twitter @AmnestyCardiff.

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